Sewing Caddy

from Marylou Ferreira


You need two pieces of material either the same or co-ordinating for front and back.

Back: approximately 28"-30" long x 14"-16" wide (depends on width of machine)

Front: 2" less in width than the back, length the same as back.

Batting: same size as front.

Back is at least 1 1/2" to 2" wider than the front piece to create the binding.


1. Stitch sides first with batting right sides facing.

2. Even out the front and back creating the binding edge and sew across the top.

3. Turn right sides out and press.

4. Sew a couple of seams horizontally across the piece starting about 5"-6" down from top.

5. Bring bottom up and fold two times the depth you want your pockets - about 5".

6. Sew sides first and then form your pickets the width you'll need for your tools, about 5 or 6.

7. Sew down enforcing the top of each pocket by back stitching.

8. All done! Set your machine on the long flat end and have the tools hanging down in front.